Milk and Cookie Shot Maker for 6 Cookies,

Bake scrumptious cookies the same shape as shot glasses! This fun package has a silicone mold for six cookie glasses, along with a chocolate melting station to close them inside. Just add ice-cold milk and… bottoms up. Ideal for parties!

The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker is the best package particularly made to bake perfect cookies the same shape as shot glasses. The package features a silicone mold for creating your cookie cups, a 2-piece melting station for the chocolate liner and recipes for optimally created cookie shots. Assemble your ingredients, bake your batter within the silicone mold, and line the cookie cups with liquid chocolate when preparing for that milk or any other tasty fillings. The right combo now married into one scrumptious treat.

Fun and easy to use.
Silicone non-stick surface make this easy to use and clean.
Easy Clean Up
money saving
Great for parties

The Milk and Cookie Shot Maker is the perfect kit specifically designed to bake perfect cookies in the shape of shot glasses. The kit includes a silicone mold for creating your cookie cups, a two-piece melting station for your chocolate liner and recipes for optimally formed cookie shots. Assemble your ingredients, bake your batter in the silicone mold, and line the cookie cups with liquid chocolate in preparation for the milk or other yummy fillings. The perfect combo now married into one delicious treat.

Cookie Shot Maker

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The Main Advantages of Shopping On The Internet.

Have you been trying to find out if buying online is a good idea? If that's the case, we suggest that you simply study up around the benefits of shopping on the web. Given beneath really are a couple of benefits to help you discover which option you need to go for. Best Headset For Gaming And Music


Convenience will be the biggest advantage of creating purchases online. With the assist from the Internet, you are able to buy what ever you would like to and anytime you want to. You do not have to depart the comfort of your room simply to purchase your delicious pizza. Put simply, you can use this option 24/7. In case of eBooks as well as other software, you will get your hands on the preferred item in seconds. Much better prices With purchasing on-line, you are able to appreciate much better cost since you can get your desired item without working having a intermediary. Apart from this, numerous on-line stores offer rebates and low cost coupon codes too. An additional great advantage is the fact that online shops do not need to spend any revenue tax.

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You have amazing choices when purchasing your preferred stuff online. You can purchase several brand names from different on-line stores with out leaving your home. There'll be no need to spend cash on airfare. It is simple to buy from retailers situated in other components from the earth. The beauty of it is that you have an impressive variety of each item that you are thinking about.

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Online buying allows you to send gifts to your friends and relatives without any hassle. The geography of one's buddies will not make a difference. So, sending gifts on special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries will not be a problem. You can place your order through your pc and the product will probably be delivered to the offered address.


Sometimes, we wind up investing much more cash when buying conventionally. The costs go up simply because of things like transportation, consuming out and so on. But when you are shopping online, you won't have to bear the extra costs.

Cost comparisons

With regards to buying online, evaluating and studying is really a great deal simpler. Additionally, you've the liberty to share essential info in addition to critiques with your buddies and consumers which have some experience with a certain retailer or product.

No crowds

It is not comfy to cope with a big crowd when you are out trying to buy your required product. This is true particularly during unique occasions and festivals. You may have to offer with a few smelly, annoying or grumpy individuals as well, which is not so easy. Aside from this, you've the issue of parking. But with internet shopping, you can steer clear of all of these problems.


Often, whenever you are purchasing, you're much more likely to spend on things which you don't require. This occurs when the shopkeepers insist on you to buy some things. They maintain telling you the benefits of that item to be able to convince you. So, you end up buying that factor instead of the one you wanted to buy. This does not occur when shopping on the web.

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